Turn Clients into Client-Advocates:
The Brand Experience

Research suggests that life experiences, not material things, are the key to happiness. Nonetheless, by and large people still choose to spend more of their money on material items because they believe they’re of greater value. After all, it’s pretty easy to peg a value to a new flat-screen TV that costs $4,000. But it’s hard to estimate the value of a great memory born of an amazing experience.

The same principle applies in marketing. Provide a service to a client and you’ll earn a fee. But provide a positive, memorable experience and you’ll earn not just a fee, but a loyal ally and enthusiastic advocate for your firm. Clients will come back for more – and bring others with them.

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Substance and Form:
The Elements of a Lawyer Brand

Branding. It’s one of the most overworked and overanalyzed topics in the marketplace of ideas. Paradoxically, or perhaps consequently, it’s also one of the most misunderstood. This misunderstanding isn’t a definitional one. There’s a general consensus that a brand “is the sum of what others think of you” or something similar. But there are two pertinent, preliminary questions beyond “what is branding?” worthy of exploration: Why is it important? And how is it done?

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The Expertise Effect: How Getting Narrow
Can Grow Your Practice

There are countless ways lawyers can and do compete with one another for work. We have price – what work costs; process – how work is performed; personality – the lawyer’s and her firm’s; place – one’s geographic location; principles – “honesty,” “integrity,” “work ethic.” Those and countless others that don’t start with “p” are all characteristics that lawyers emphasize in an effort to differentiate themselves.

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Shrink to Grow

To grow your law practice, you have to get more clients, right? But is that really the best growth strategy? Not necessarily. For many law firms, the right strategy is to get better, not bigger. Pursuing growth − more clients, more billable hours, more staff − for growth’s sake is often counter-productive. Good growth − sustainable, manageable, profitable, enjoyable − requires a different approach.

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Don't Bill Hours. Help People.

LawMarketing.com, a premier resource for attorneys and legal marketers on the business of law, published our recent article about how shifting your mindset away from billable hours and focusing on helping people can make a fundamental difference in career satisfaction.

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Back to Basics

The practice of law is stressful. And complicated. And, at times, frustrating. Legal marketing and business development need not be. Here are some tips to improve relationships with clients and colleagues. The common thread − a return to fundamentals, getting back to basics.

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Announcing Our New Blog

Harrington Communications is pleased to announce the launch of its new blog, Simply Stated. Our new blog will be home to our latest news and insights, marketing advice, and tips for professional services firms.

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When Pursuing Work, It's Better to
Receive Than to Pitch

What’s the best way to approach a meeting with a prospective client? There isn’t one. Every professional has his or her own style, technique and method. As long as it’s authentic – that is, it’s consistent with the professional’s personality and demeanor – there is no “right way” to present qualifications and seek new work.

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Glacier Hills Launches New Website

We are pleased to announce the launch of a new website for Glacier Hills Senior Living Community. Located in Ann Arbor, Michigan, Glacier Hills is a retirement living community that offers a full continuum of care and a variety of lifestyle options to its residents. The new website features the community's new brand elements, news, events and resources offered at Glacier Hills, a secure online donation platform, and an easy to use content management system.

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Announcing New Client Website Launches

Harrington Communications is pleased to announce the design, development and launch of two new client websites.

The Brattle Group: www.brattle.com
The Brattle Group provides consulting and expert testimony in economics, finance, and regulation to corporations, law firms, and governments around the world. Brattle is headquartered in Cambridge, Massachusetts and has seven offices around the world. The website features the new branding developed by Harrington Communications for Brattle in a dynamic and content rich platform. The site features a user friendly and powerful content management system, and a mobile-friendly design for smart phone and tablet viewing.

NetMD Business: netmdbusiness.com
NetMD Business is a management consulting company specializing in health care. The new website communicates and highlights NetMD's key message that its services allow doctors and hospitals to focus more on the practice of medicine, and less on the business of medicine. The site features an intuitive content management system and mobile layout.

We have several more website projects in development that are expected to launch in the coming weeks, so stay tuned for additional information. If you are interested in learning more about our website design and development capabilities, please contact Jay Harrington at 313.432.0287 or jay@hcommunications.biz.

11 Tips to Create Compelling Presentations

Preparing a Slide Deck? Don’t be Boring. Slide decks should captivate. After all, great content should be accompanied – and enhanced – by great design in order to leave a lasting impression. Frequently, presentations fall flat.

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Announcing Three New Client Relationships

Harrington Communications is pleased to announce the following new clients:

Beveridge & Diamond, a leading environmental law firm based in Washington, D.C.
Data Visualization / Infographics and Design

Dechert LLP,
a global specialist law firm with more than 900 lawyers in 26 offices
Design and Presentation Development

One Hampton Medical,
a new medical staffing organization in Virginia
Website Design + Development

Harrington Communications Launches
Two New Client Websites

We are pleased to announce the launch of two new client websites.

EctoHR: www.ectohr.com
EctoHR is a full-service human resource outsourcing and consulting firm, providing services to companies throughout the United States.

Financial Architects: www.financialarch.com
Financial Architects is a financial consulting and planning firm that helps clients develop strategic roadmaps for their future.

5 Website Trends to Watch

Website design has certainly come a long way since its basic beginnings in the early ‘90s. Relentless advances in technology and surging mobile Internet usage are forcing web designers and developers to adapt in order to keep up. Here are five website trends to watch:

1. Parallax Websites
2. Responsive Layouts
3. Infinite Scrolling
4. Expandable Navigation
5. Flat Design

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Five Tips For Running a Successful Creative Project

Any in-house marketing professional that has worked with an outside creative agency knows that there are two types of projects. First, those that proceed to a successful conclusion smoothly, seamlessly and priced reasonably. Second, those that drag on frustratingly, endlessly and expensively. As you might imagine, there are common characteristics and circumstances that lead projects to fall into one category or the other.

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Positive Leader Launches
New Branding + Website

We recently designed and developed a unique brand identity and website for our client Positive Leader, a management and consulting firm that helps corporate leaders and executives achieve superior performance by creating a positive work environment. The website features a clean, modern aesthetic and a parallax scrolling technique, which helps tell Positive Leader's story and sell its services in an engaging, visually appealing manner.

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17 Things I Wish I Knew as a First Year Associate

A family friend will be graduating from law school this spring and starting his career at a large law firm next fall. Asked to provide some advice, I started compiling tips and recommendations – things to do and not to do. As I considered my experiences as a first year at a big firm, and then subsequent experiences as a more senior attorney, I quickly formulated a list that required a scroll rather than a Post-It. There are so many things not taught in law school that are only learned by young lawyers through hard knocks school. While not necessarily marketing-oriented, these tips are intended to help young lawyers develop the attribute that is the single most important building block for future marketing and business development efforts – namely, becoming an excellent attorney.

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Why Lawyers Should Care About Branding

The word “branding” means different things to different people. For some, it’s a logo. For others, a catchy slogan. But branding is much more than that – it is the set of expectations and perceptions of consumers that lead them to choose one product or service over another. Law and other professional services firms were somewhat slow to focus on the power of their brands, but most now realize that their brands are among their most valuable assets. And for good reason.

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2013 Off to a Great Start

Harrington Communications is off to a great start this year as we welcome six new clients to our growing client portfolio. We are excited to welcome the following new clients:

Glacier Hills Senior Living CommunityWebsite, Advertising, Design

Foley, Baron, Metzger & Juip, PLLC Branding and Website

Foster, Swift, Collins & Smith, PCContent Creation

Littler Mendelson, PCBrand Strategy and Design

Neithercut Philanthropy Advisors, LLC Content Creation

Sutherland Asbill & Brennan, LLPData Visualization / Infographics

Complexity? The Answer is Simple: Infographics

Problem: Legal concepts, theories, statutes, case law, rules and regulations are complex, can be boring, and lawyers sometimes have difficulty conveying information to lay people in a way they easily understand.

Solution: It’s simple: Infographics!

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Harrington Communications Featured
in Grosse Pointe Times

The Grosse Pointe Times recently published an article on Harrington Communications' growing animated greeting card services.

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Stop Acting Your Age

It's time to take bold action. Learn something new. Turn conventional thinking upside down. Seize opportunities. Stop acting your age. Your practice will be better for it.

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Announcing Three New Client Relationships

Harrington Communications is pleased to announce three new client relationships:

Golden Dental Solutions, a manufacturer and seller of innovative dental products, has hired Harrington Communications to develop compelling advertising and marketing collateral.

IronHorse, LLC, a financial advisory firm from Kansas City, Kansas has hired Harrington Communications to help refresh its brand identity, and design and develop a dynamic new website and firm brochure.

EctoHR, a full-service human resource outsourcing and consulting firm, has retained Harrington Communications to design and develop a sophisticated new website.

Sticktoitiveness: A Necessary Quality
for Good Writing

“I don’t like writing. I like having written.” The murky origin of this quotation (it’s been attributed to a wide range of people, from Hemingway to Steinem) does not detract from the fact that it’s a sentiment that many writers share. Let’s face it, writing is a chore. Like any skill (no, someone is not just born a “good writer” or “bad writer”), it takes hard work and practice to improve. Here are five tips that will help you become a better writer:

1. Identify your Audience
2. Outline
3. Be Concise
4. Be Conversational
5. Stick to It

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Harrington Communications Wins
Three MarCom Awards

We are pleased to announce that Harrington Communications has recently won three awards in the 2012 MarCom creative competition. MarCom Awards is an international competition, and the largest competition of its kind, honoring the excellence and creativity of marketing and communication professionals. In this year's competition, we have won for the following client projects:

Detroit RiverFront Conservancy's 2010-2011 Annual Report
King and Murray's Website
Baker Tilly's Animated Greeting Card

Two New Clients Hire Harrington Communications

Harrington Communications has been retained by Littler Mendelson, the largest U.S.-based labor and employment law firm, and Grant McCarthy Group, a tax consulting firm headquartered in White Plains, New York. We will design and develop web-based digitally animated marketing materials for both new clients.

The Three C’s of Branding a Professional Services Firm: Clarity, Courage + Consistency

Has your firm’s growth slowed or stopped? Do your professionals struggle to describe how your firm is different from its competitors? Are you looking to take your firm to the next level? Assuming the answer is yes to one or all of these questions (don’t despair, you’re in the majority), it’s probably past time to take a close look at an often overlooked element of your business – your firm’s brand.

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3 Benefits of Sending Animated Greeting Cards
this Holiday Season

Animated greeting cards are the perfect solution to impress your clients or contacts during the holiday season, especially in today’s world of instant communication. Three benefits to choosing animated greeting cards are:

1. Save Money
2. Save Time
3. Get Noticed

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Announcing a New Client Relationship

Harrington Communications has recently added ShowHouse Interiors to its growing client roster. ShowHouse Interiors is an interior design consultant and retail showroom featuring fine home furnishings, and antique, vintage, and one-of-a-kind distinctive gifts for the home. We will be working with ShowHouse Interiors to develop a website that reflects the beautiful offerings and interior designs of the company.

No HTML Skills? No Problem! Web Maintenance
for the Non-technical Professional

It’s no secret – keeping your website up-to-date with the most recent firm news and content can cost a pretty penny. Not to mention the time restraints of having to work around your web developer’s schedule.

During the past few years, more and more websites are being built utilizing low cost, easy to use content management systems (CMS). CMS platforms, such as WordPress, allow firms and their employees to edit content, update images and videos, incorporate blogs, and even add pages quickly and easily – without any technical coding knowledge!

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Rachel Jezowski Joins the Team!

We are pleased to announce Rachel Jezowksi as the newest addition to our team! Rachel, a recent graduate of Central Michigan University, joins Harrington Communications as a graphic designer. Her creativity, fresh perspective and design skills will bolster our growing design team. In addition to her passion for design, Rachel enjoys exploring Detroit area breweries and eateries, riding her horse Autumn Light, and catching a Tigers game whenever she can.

2012 Hermes Creative Award Winners

We are pleased to announce that Harrington Communications has been recognized with three Hermes Creative Awards. The Hermes Creative Awards is an international creative competition for professionals involved in the concept, writing and design of traditional and emerging media. In the 2012 competition, we received awards for the following client projects:

• Detroit RiverFront Conservancy’s 2010-2011 Annual Report
• Baker Tilly’s Holiday Animated Greeting Card
• Miller Canfield’s Email Marketing Campaign

Welcome to the Team!

We expanded our team of talented professionals with the hiring of Brittany Zeller-Holland as senior graphic designer and Helen Brown as office manager. In addition, existing team member Andrea Colf has been promoted from graphic designer to graphic and lead interactive designer. These new staff changes are a result of the strong growth we've experienced over the past year.

King and Murray Launches New Branding + Website

We recently developed distinctive new branding and a dynamic website for law firm King and Murray. The website contains a sophisticated baseball theme which complements the firm's new brand image, and features a wealth of information about the firm, including news, case studies, attorney bios, testimonials and more.

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5 Steps to Email Marketing Success

Email marketing is a highly effective marketing strategy for professional services firms when implemented correctly. Follow these 5 steps and watch your email marketing success reach new heights.

1. Capture the Right Contacts
2. Elevate Your Brand with Design
3. Create Targeted Content
4. Measure Success with Data
5. Push the Limits

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King and Murray Retains Harrington Communications

Harrington Communications has recently been retained by King and Murray for branding, website design and development, and a number of other marketing initiatives. King and Murray is a law firm specializing in commercial and business litigation. As the firm’s primary agency, we will develop a distinct and appealing new brand image, as well as a dynamic, sophisticated website to showcase the personality and strength of the firm.

Announcing Two New Client Website Launches

Harrington Communication has recently designed, developed and launched websites for the following clients:

Fakhoury Law Group: www.employmentimmigration.com
Fakhoury Law Group is a global law firm specializing exclusively in business-based immigration. The firm is based in Michigan with offices in California and India, and has a staff of 50 attorneys, paralegals and immigration consultants.

Stone River Capital Partners: www.stonerivercap.com
Stone River Capital Partners is a Birmingham, Michigan-based private investment firm that focuses on acquisitions of middle-market businesses.

Harrington Communications Featured
in Metromode for Recent Growth

Metromode, a website that reports daily on job growth and development in Southeast Michigan, recently spotlighted Harrington Communications as an innovative, growing company. Click here to read the full article.

Miller Canfield Expands Relationship to include Email Marketing

Harrington Communications’ long-time client Miller Canfield, an international law firm and the state of Michigan’s oldest and largest law firm, recently expanded its relationship with our agency to include all of its email marketing initiatives. Harrington Communications is responsible for designing and developing all of Miller Canfield’s e-newsletters, e-alerts, e-vites and e-announcements. Email marketing is one of the core services that we provide to our clients in the professional services industry.

Make the Most of Video in Your Email Campaigns

Video and email are two of the most effective communication tools on the web. And together they are even more powerful – case studies and split tests show that video links improve conversions by anywhere from 9% to 400%. But how can you be sure that video is the right medium for your firm's message? » Click to read the article.

Facebook Makes “Timeline” Mandatory
for Business Pages

March 30th – that’s the day that all Facebook business Fan Pages convert to Timeline. Timeline is a new Facebook page layout that includes a new banner style cover graphic, simplified tab layout, and a new, more graphical wall display. Timeline design will be mandatory for businesses by the end of this month. Check out the Facebook pages of iconic brands such at Tiffany and Co. and Starbucks to see how they are using Timeline. You can also check out our page here.

Award-Winning Creativity

Harrington Communications has recently been honored with three prestigious MarCom Awards. The MarCom Awards is an international creative competition that recognizes outstanding achievement by marketing and communication professionals. Thank you to our amazing clients for the opportunity to produce award-winning work. For the 2011 competition, we have won:

Platinum MarCom Award – Detroit RiverFront Conservancy’s 2009 Annual Report
Platinum MarCom Award – Conway MacKenzie’s Corporate Brochure
Gold MarCom Award – Variant Capital Advisors’ Corporate Brochure

OpTech Joins Our Growing Client Roster

OpTech, a Michigan-based IT and engineering staffing firm, has hired Harrington Communications for a number of public relations and marketing initiatives to help promote its services to its core audiences. Harrington Communications will leverage its expertise in the professional services sector by handling OpTech’s media relations and thought leadership programs, e-communications, social media development, and a variety of other marketing projects.

Fakhoury Law Group Hires Harrington Communications

Fakhoury Law Group, a global law firm specializing exclusively in business-based immigration, has recently hired Harrington Communications for website design and development, public relations and brochure development. As a law firm with offices around the world and clients in over 100 countries, Harrington Communications will help Fakhoury Law Group project a more dynamic, professional image in the marketplace.